Who will be the head coach of the groups?

Your head coach will be Sergio Raimundo, Sergio comes to FCV with a wealth of futsal and soccer experience. Sergio holds is UEFA A coaching license, and a masters degree in sports science. As a former youth coach at SL Benfica, and men’s head coach at BSK Sergio gives a unique and broad view of the game. Sergio has worked in Portugal and Brazil coaching and teaching the game of futsal for over 10 years. FCV also hires supporting staff coaches that support Sergio in running the sessions and games. Sergio is not there to direct the sessions, he is there to coach and engages with all FCV team sessions.

What if our soccer club wont let us join?

Any player is able to join FCV, there are no official resrictions or sanctions that would restrict your ability to play futsal for FCV. FCV falls under the Vancouver Futsal Association, who is a member of Futsal Canada. For those who already play soccer in local youth clubs, the goal of FCV is to be an additional environment for players to develop their skills and abilities. FCV wants to make sure players respect their youth soccer club schedules and work FCV in as an additional tool instead of a conflicting one. This is in place for a number of reasons. Futsal is a development setting for aspiring young soccer players and FCV respects the training schedules of local youth clubs and encourages our players to play both soccer and futsal. We recommend players to play both soccer and futsal to serve their purpose in development. We do suggest confirming with your club about your participation with FCV if you feel it is helpful. We at FCV are happy to help speak with the club when necessary.

Is FCV run by a soccer club, or by The Vancouver Futsal Association?

FCV is run under the Vancouver Futsal Association, who is a member of Futsal Canada. Futsal is it’s own sport and not is not run by any specific soccer assocation or club.

Is FCV, and the VFA a Futsal Canada member?


Is FCV a BC Soccer program?

The simple answer is no. Futsal is it’s own sport and is not run by any specific soccer assocation or club. Although the VFA does run programs that are BC soccer sanctioned as a member, it is it’s own program separate from soccer programming.

What nights are the training sessions?

The 2018 spring season will run its training sessions on Thursday nights. The 2018 main season sessions will run on Tuesdays, or Wednesday nights.

It says multiple training nights during the main season. Can my son play futsal on both nights?

We ask that you register for the night that is ideal for your schedule. If you would like to train on both nights we ask that you correspoind with us before registering for both. FCV will consider the request on a case by case basis to determine whether your participation can be on both nights.

How are the costs for FCV Determined? Why does it cost more then grassroots soccer?

FCV operates in Indoor Facilities which are hard to come by and by nature are more expensive than regular grass or turf fields. In addition, FCV’s staff are all full-time professional coaches. In this manner, we are different than volunteer-run teams and/or clubs. FCV is fully bought-in to providing the highest level of development training possible. Many per-per-use programs that try to provide high-level environments are priced at a $30 per session rate for outdoor training. FCV is on par with this cost structure for Indoor training/games.

Is FCV for any player, or just elite level players?

FCV is for players looking to improve the refine their game. Players will be accepted on the basis that they are a contributing part of the group, have character, and are coachable. We want players who are eager to learn, work hard, and become better well rounded futsal and soccer players. The program is geared towards motivated players looking to improve their game. This program is for players that have a proficiency in technical ability and an appetite to learn and progress.

Why is FCV currently for boys only?

FCV is in its initial season and will be piloting the program with boys groups only. Our intention is to add girls programming in the 2018-2019 season.

Why does FCV currently only have teams for U7-U12?

U7-U12 spans over the “Golder Age Of Learning”. Building a greater repertoire of soccer related movements; technical skills are developed in training and within the context of basic soccer games. As well as developing environment awareness and encouraging decision making: simple combinations, marking and running into space. FCV will expand its age group in the future, but currently wants to focus all its resources on these age groups.

What league do the teams play futsal in? Who do they play against?

The FCV teams play in the YPFL – Youth Play Futsal League. FCV plays against other teams of the same age or a year older that join the league through the VFA as a team or group of players. The YPFL has been running since 2013 with over 50 teams playing yearly.

I registered for a team but have yet to get anything back. When will I know if my son is on a team?

Once you have registered, please allow a few days for us to consider your registration and get back to you with further acceptance or discussion.

How do I order a training kit? It did not ask me for any kit sizes.

We will have a portal set up for players to order their kit directly through Valhalla Apparel.

Do I need to order a training kit?

All players are required to have a minimum kit which will include socks, shorts, and shirt. This will be the minimum the players will need to purchase through Valhalla Apparel, with the option to add extra apparel such as hoodies, jackets, hats, etc.

What is the VFA?

The VFA is the Vancouver Futsal Association which has been running futsal programming since 2010. The VFA runs tournaments, leagues, and programs year round. You can learn more about the VFA at

Can my son become a professional futsal player?

There are many professional futsal leagues in many different countries across the world. We always encourage players to strive to their highest possible potential but do make sure players understand that becoming a professional is not easy.

Can I register for FCV and for a youth soccer club at the same time?

Yes. At FCV we want to be a complementary part of the players schedule without interfering or conflicting with their club schedule.

What are the benefits of joining FCV?

FCV strives to offer the best training and development environment for players to improve their abilities, confidence, and enjoyment. FCV training is always indoors away from the elements and the follows our development plan and curriculum. For more information on our philosophy and development plan please visit this page.

Does the team need a team manager?

No, FCV is fully run by our staff and administrator.

Who is the main club contact?

Cassy Winter is the club administrator and can answer any questions you have with regards to registration, schedules, or payment. Sergio Raimundo is our head coach and can be contacted for any technical specific feedback or information.